Here we go!

Hi and welcome to my page!!

My name is Steven and I am a photographer based in New York City.

Everything has a starting place and this website is exactly that for my photography…hobby/portfolio/career…whatever this ends up becoming! Social media has been really great at allowing me to connect with some really great and inspiring people from all over the world. I am actually pleasantly surprised to have been able to make friends through platforms like instagram! But as times are evolving and social media is becoming the main source of displaying content, I still remain very old fashioned. I wanted a space where I could display all of my photos and not just a hand selected few. (I also HATE coming up with captions! I like my photos to do all the talking!) Having a website allows me to be more creative and display all of my work with my own personal touch in a beautiful gallery.

Who knows where this will lead to a year from now or five or ten. It could end up being just a personal space where I get to track my progress as a photographer. Perhaps it could become a space where I can share my knowledge and experiences so others can learn from them. I am self-taught and am so incredibly thankful to the amazing artists out there who have been so generous with sharing their knowledge and experiences so that people like me could also learn. So here I am passing on the torch to anyone who stumbles upon this little website and wants to join me on this adventure.

Maybe this could even grow to become a quaint little business where people actually want ME to document precious milestones of their lives or simply show how beautiful and amazing they are. I live for that moment seeing awestruck faces when I take a photo of someone and they get to see how truly beautiful they are!

I’ll be displaying my various photoshoots, travel photos, lessons I’ve learned and anything photography related. Whatever this becomes, it’s got to start from somewhere so that SOMETHING can come to fruition.

So here we go!

Steven Hyon