rosy dreams


Something I have noticed as I pursued photography was I started to see differently. Ordinary, mundane things that I see every day are now seen in a different light and color. The shadows and light reflected off of the building I walk by every morning. The texture of the peeling paint on the door of a run down building. The repeating rows of stoops running down a street of brownstones. Things that seem ordinary and uninteresting now catch my eye.

I was walking through soho one day and I walked by this one random street and it was such a plain, uninteresting location. One side of the street was fenced up for construction and lined with sandbags. Nothing that will make you do a double take.

But the other side had a private little garden surrounded by a fence covered in climbing rose vines. They were in peak bloom and were so vibrant and beautiful, I HAD to do a photo shoot. I LOVE roses and flowers and gardens!

A random, ordinary location, literally next to an ugly construction site, sparked inspiration and produced some of my favorite photos to date.

Models Claudia and Kristen

Steven Hyonroses, blogComment