I'm Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman

As I was preparing this post, I realized, I AM NOT A WRITER! I’ve edited and re-drafted this post way too many times. You know how there are some people who can stretch out a one word answer into a ten page essay? I am not one of those people. I just wanted a website where I could post my photos and maybe write a little description about whatever I was posting. Then I realized I never properly introduced myself.


Hi! My name is Steven. I grew up in Houston and went to school in Austin. I have also lived in Boston and Charlottesville and am currently in New York City. I love being outdoors in nature, hiking, traveling (shocking. seriously, who doesn’t like to travel), exploring new places and going on road trips (when I say road trips, I mean, 3 hours, MAX). When I am not doing these things or at my other full-time job, I am locked up in my room snoozing, plotting my next adventure or watching the ultimate tag team Julia Trotti and Dan Podbierezki (youtube is my television).

My interest in photography started about four years ago when my friend introduced me to the app VSCO and I learned how to edit my iphone photos. I was finally able to make the photos I took of my favorite landmarks and adventures come to life and evoke the emotion I had when I took them. Snapshots of my favorite memories were now vibrant as I remembered them.

I was living in Charlottesville at the time and had access to some of the most beautiful landscapes in the states. My new hobby pushed me to spend more time outdoors and explore the beautiful Virginia countryside. Exercising my creative side lead me to purchasing my first DSLR camera, the canon rebel T5. I remember turning it on, switching it to APERTURE mode, taking a photo of my Pikachu coin bank and almost screaming because I finally figured out how to take a photo with a clear subject and blurry background. I feel a little embarrassed saying that. Everyone should just learn to shoot in manual mode from the very beginning. It’s way more fun and makes more sense than using any of the other auto modes. It’s like math. You need to learn how to do it with pencil and paper before using a calculator.

Last March, my friend Sunny wanted to go to Arizona to visit Antelope Canyon (if you’ve never heard of it, watch the “I’m not a girl, not yet a woman” video by Britney). To prepare, I started researching camera techniques to improve my landscape photography and learn the differences between the millions of lenses out there. Somehow I stumbled upon Julia Trotti’s youtube channel and saw her video with Kristina in the fields of Sydney. My life changed after watching that video. What started out as a little hobby became an obsession and passion.

From that point on, I took my camera EVERYWHERE. I started taking photos of my friends and doing as many photo shoots as I could to learn and grow.

It has been about a year since I really started pursuing photography and I don’t really know how else to describe it except that I have completely fallen in love with it! I am so excited to see how much I learn and improve this next year and share these experiences with you all!

Send me a message if you want to get together and get creative!

Steven Hyon